Monday, May 31, 2010

151 - Am I...

REALLY this old??? Is it possible that my baby is driving? Someone tell me it isn't so.


  1. No, you are that young and HE is that old ;) hehehehe

    I totally hear ya girlfriend! My 16 y/o isnt driving for a few reasons but here in Alaska you can get your permit at 14! Yuck! So Courtney plans on getting her permit in the next month or so since she turned 14 in Dec. I am SO not ready for this!

  2. Ah but just think, he can make all your runs for you now... that's how my dad always looked at it :)... he finally got tired of hauling me around. My mom didn't nearly as much as my dad did!

  3. You just need to start referring to him as your "husband's son from a much earlier marriage." ;)