Friday, May 7, 2010

117 - ...and on and on my friend

Day five of Mr. Icredible's vacation and he is still at it. I really am not complaining, he is singing and smiling and laughing...basically reverting back to the super-hero I know and love. He has taken time out everyday to eat lunch with me and it has been wonderful, but for the most part, he has spent his time here...

doing a little of this...

Working a little on that...

But the real question is...Why would I be showing you more pics of this time-sucking project when I have already done so this week? The answer is easy...

It gives me an excuse to post this picture....what a hottie!


  1. Oh my Brenda!! Does Mr.Incredible know about his butt shot? ROFL!

  2., think I should have told him? LOL

  3. Heck no!! Its more fu when the guys dont know what we are sharing! LOL

  4. That's awesome! Especially when they don't know, I agree with Lisa!