Saturday, May 15, 2010

131 - Envy

I NEED this plant.
It is the neighbor's.
Maybe she won't notice it is at my mailbox if I take it.
Maybe I should seek counceling about this.


  1. Ok, here is the plan...I will go knock on her door pretending to be a snow salesman. While I am distracting her you grab all the pretty flowers and RUN!! LOL

    Fantastic picture, you are doing an awesome job with all these flower shots!

  2. Oh, but I still want to see the dead turkey, 'cause thats how I roll ;0)

  3. I'm with Lisa, I want to see the dead turkey too!

    Love the picture, what type of flower is it??

  4. What is it?

    Your garden is looking GORGEOUS!! I'm jealous - my peonies still haven't bloomed.

  5. Nope - don't know what kind of flower it is. It is a viney thing that wraps around the mailbox. I like your thinking Lisa, but since I live next door, I am pretty sure she would figure it out...unless you have the ability to hypnotize :0)

  6. Beautiful flower! Can you come make me a garden??