Sunday, May 9, 2010

121 - Reasons 1, 2, & 3 I celebrated today

By the way I TOTALLY stole this idea from my friend Laura @ Illaurastrations. Check her out here!

Here they are, Lynch 1, Lynch 2, and Lynch 3. Someone asked me the other day if I purposely didn't use the boys names for security reasons. Simply put, no, I really do call them Lynch 1, Lynch 2, and Lynch 3. When I don't call them that, I call them Buddy, Brother, and Bug. When they were little I called them Baby Bear, Tiny Tornado, and Sweetness. When I want to embarrass them I call them snookems, sweety pie, and love bug....across the ball field, or the street, or down the hall at school. Why, because that's the price they pay for driving me crazy. Do I ever use their names? Sometimes, but it usually means they are on code orange, quickly hitting red and I am pulling out the mean mom voice.

So without further ado, may I present...

Lynch 1 aka Buddy aka Baby Bear aka Conner

Lynch 2 aka Brother aka Tiny Tornado aka James

Lynch 3 aka Bug aka Sweetness aka Clayton

Happy Mother's Day dear Friends. I hope it was as wonderful as you are.


  1. Sweetness is the perfect word for Clayton! Look how cute he his! :) Miss him!

  2. hehe.. those are some great shots of them!

  3. Great photos of the Lynch boys! Its nice to see all 3 of your handsome guys!

  4. Ya got some cute boys there! I call all mine by nick names too - unless I'm yelling at them.