Tuesday, June 1, 2010

152 - Hold Me

As I morn the death of Buffy. Buffy was my mom's spare camera that she has let me use for the past several months. We have become good friends. I love her. She has taken me to places I never knew possible.

She is now over-exposing EVERYTHING. This is what I get EVERY.SINGLE.SHOT.

#1 got to do a very cool showcase for baseball today. I took some great shots of him with some major-league and college scouts. I was VERY excited to see them. This is what I got. I thought I screwed up somehow (it happens) but, alas, no, it is Buffy.

Goodbye Buffy, you were good to me.


  1. Oh no Brenda :( How could Buffy do this to you? Bad, bad Buffy!

  2. awe, that's sad! It especially sucks when you get used to all the settings!! Well now you get a new one right ;)

  3. I am afraid a new one is not in my near future. Mr. Incredible did offer to buy me one, but with three boys my sanity requires that we spend $ on pool passes, brakes and tires for #1's car, and we need a new roof. I am not complaining...my P&S was good enough before, it will be good enough again. I just wish I knew the problem BEFORE we went to this showcase :(

  4. Ugh. And reading about your choices on spending money? Double ugh.

    You're good with composition though. I'm sure your pics will continue to be beautiful.

  5. Maybe... your mom will need a new camera and her camera will become the new spare and you'll get it :)