Wednesday, May 12, 2010

126 - Rain

We have been having spring storms here at night which has lead to a very sleepy girl during the day. (something to do with a 65lb lab shaking the whole bed and an 8lb rat trying to burrow under the pillows.) BUT it has lead to some beautiful flowers.


  1. Awe I love pretty flowers! Yeah don't get blown away by the storms. They leave us and apparently head your way!

  2. I am loving all of your flower shots!! Everything is SO pretty!

    We had some rain yesterday evening and its greening up my grass, which makes me happy. Plus it also helped clean up the dust that had settled around here due to the high winds we had most of the week. Glacial silt really gets in the air here.

  3. Nicole - that's how it works, i can usually tell what kind of weather we are going to have by looking at your's the day before.

    Lisa - just think, soon it will be time to listen to the sweet sounds of kids fighting over who's turn it is to mow the yard. Although if I remember correctly, you actually LIKE doing it yourself....crazy.

  4. ROFL! Yep, my kids last day is the 20th and yes, I am that anal and will not let anyone touch my lawn, or my lawnmower :P:P