Wednesday, May 26, 2010

145 - Some Teachers

Deserve to be paid in gold bricks. #3's teacher this year has just been wonderful. She was compassionate but firm, was understanding but expected the kids to work to their full potential, and everything my guy needed to help him transition to his new school. I have known she was great all year, but today the little bug brought this home.
It is filled with wonderful stories and illustrations that my child created.

All written from his perspective

Apparently, he was a perfect baby, I'm not sure I remember it that way.
Illustrations of what he finds important...

And then the kicker
the one that made me tear up
who he admires

Of course, because I am only the woman that birthed him, fed him, and takes the stuff he forgets to school for him. It did make me feel better that he dedicated the book to me...AND that he obviously thinks his dad needs new pants that fit.

This, THIS is something I will keep FOR.EV.ER!!!


  1. That's awesome! I won't get that with my soon to be {step} daughter... her mother will get all that stuff. and I didn't birth her... LOL

  2. Oh Brenda, that is so awesome! What a sweet young man you have there. Definitely something to treasure!