Friday, May 14, 2010

130 - After The Rain

I may be overdoing it with the flower pics, but they are just so awesome right now with the spring rain we have been getting this week. I am especially proud of these as I have been working on getting good, workable shots SOOC. These have VERY little retouching, just a little fine tuning on the lighting.


  1. I dont think you are overdoing it at all! I love the flowers pics. Today I cant decide if the rose or the leaf with the rain drops is my favorite, I love the composition of them both!

  2. Love the last one! Gorgeous!

  3. Nope, bring on the flowers! I like flowers! I don't have a green thumb though, but the future husband and I are going to attempt our hand at a beautiful yard. I have an agriculture degree and never mastered plants :). That last picture is amazing! and the roses..... 2 more weeks and we get to plant our rose bush!