Sunday, May 9, 2010

120 - The One I Celebrated Today

I NEVER get shots of my mom. She is a lovely, strong, amazing woman who can avoid a camera like my boys can soap.

My mom and I have had our ups and downs like any other mother/daughter relationship. Thankfully we have come to grips with our differences and celebrate them. That means we recognize that we are just not going to agree on everything, but that is okay. I have come to realize that she did the best job she could as a mother. That she gave all of herself and all of her love in raising my brother and me. She was not perfect. She made mistakes. There are things I am sure she wishes she did different. BUT, It wasn't because she wasn't trying. Before I had kids, and ESPECIALLY before I had a teenager, I am not sure I fully grasped this concept. As I have grown older and spent my fair share of years in the mothering trenches, I have come to realize that I hope someday my own kids will be able to look back and realize that: I wasn't perfect, I made mistakes, there are things I wish I had done different, but that I was doing the very best I could and I loved them more than life itself.

I thank my mom for raising me to be strong and independent, to appreciate the world and the beauty around me, to realize that the dishes will still be there after I go shoot a round of hoops with the boys, that a strong, stable relationship with Mr. Incredible is the best gift I can give to my boys, and that a lady doesn't hit, she pushes you down and kicks you in the money maker.

Happy Mother's Day Mom. I Love You.

One of the very rare photos of my mom!


  1. I have the same problem with my mom, refuses to have her photo taken. We've caught a few of her but they are few and far between. I warned her that she has to be in my wedding photos and she debates with me....

  2. Awww, what a great entry! Happy Mothers Day to Brenda's mom :)

  3. Yeah, nothing like raising your own kids to teach you to cut your mom some slack. I hope mine do the same!

  4. When I mess up, I tell the girls, "Well, you're going to need SOMETHING to talk about in therapy!! Melinda