Thursday, February 18, 2010

49 - Marriage?

I just finished the logo for our new sermon series at church, “Everybody Loves Marriage?” I love the question mark at the end, because at some point in every marriage you ask yourself, “really, THIS is what I signed up for?” Now I would love to say that Mr. Incredible and I have had a marriage filled with peaches and roses and everything is just soooo wonderful all the time, but I would totally be lying to you. We have overcome many obstacles, hard-times, and down-right ugliness to get to where we are now. So, do I think that all the difficulties are over and NOW we get to live the fairy-tale life? HA! I know better than that. BUT I do know that we are committed to learning the tools we need to get over each new challenge and hurdle. I do know that even when we are in a “?” time, we will buckle down and recognize that “LOVE” is a verb, and sometimes it is what you DO not what you FEEL that will get you over the hump. AND I do respect him and trust him to take care of our family in a way that will honor our integrity. Nope, I don’t think it is all down-hill from here. I know that this whole marriage thing is a roller-coaster and is one crazy ride. So I am ever so thankful that I married someone willing to throw their hands in the air with me and face it head on, laughing, crying and sometimes screaming the whole way.

Besides all that…..He’s a HOTTIE!

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