Saturday, February 6, 2010

37 - #1

Due to a small distraction yesterday, I did not post a pic of #1 as I promised him. So today you get not 1, but two, 2, t.w.o. pictures of his most awesomeness!

You can actually tell a lot about him in this pic.
1 - he NEVER makes his bed
2. he loves this dog more that almost anything else
3. if it is written word, he will read it (just like his mom!)
4. he became VERY brand specific a few years ago - Am Eagle, Holister, and Hurley all the way
5. two things that got cropped out of this shot - the HUGE Fathead of the Broncos on the wall and the shelf of baseball trophies above him.
oh yeah....
6. he is sooooooo stinkin CUTE! (love ya buddy!)

This was his "you better get me on the blog today, or else" pose.

And there you have it.....#1


  1. Well, I, for one, am very happy to see #1 make it to the blog. :) ... in all of his awesomeness. What a cute guy! :)

  2. Well that was definitely worth the wait! You have a very handsome young man there. "Fathead of the Broncos" in the Denver Broncos? If thats the case I wont hold that against him, LOL :)