Monday, February 8, 2010

39 - Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Tonight I stole my dear friend Laura’s idea and took a picture from a part of my house that would tell you something about me. Laura featured her couch here. I am showing the place I probably spend more time at than anywhere else…my kitchen sink. What can you tell about me from this pic?

1. I love the Cardinals (pipe down Lisa, I don’t want to hear about your stinkin Red Sox!) The frame on the right is of Mr. Incredible and me at a game with the big ol’ Red Bird cool cup behind it.

2. While I don’t drink often, I think wine bottles are just soooo cool! The one on the right is a window bottle with a painting of the arch showing through – I couldn’t pass it up.

3. I love my coffee – Starbucks when I have an extra dollar or five, but I don’t usually have that so Quik Trip is where I fill up on my favorite addiction.

4. Next are various trinkets the boys have made or given me. Cricket has hung out on my shelf for many a year and still “sings” when his wings are turned.

5. The scissors are the tool I use most….great for opening bags, cutting chicken, prying things open, threatening the kids….JUST KIDDING, I would NEVER use them to pry something open. LOL

6. Keep on moving and you come to the other frame which is of #3 with his baseball coaches when they went to The Field Of Dreams. I will have to do a separate post on his coaches sometime, because they are too wonderful for words.

7. You will also see another bottle (from a very special date) and an ugly wine butler that I “won” at a white elephant. Some things are so ugly they are cute 

8. Last my view is of the trees behind the house. I can stand at my window and gaze quite a while. This is where I get my bird pics, watch squirrels, get a peek at a fox every once in a great while, and watch my dogs steal loaves of bread and chow down on them.

Thanks for taking the tour – come back tomorrow for more fun and adventure, LOL.

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  1. Great photo! Isnt it funny how such little things can speak volumes about us?

    And I promise, no comments about the Red Sox...oh shoot, there I go! LOL ;) I do like cardinals, they were my grandmas favorite bird so they always remind me of her :0)