Thursday, January 7, 2010

7 - Fur-Baby Snow Day

Last night we got 3" of snow and school was called off for the day. It is a day filled with tv, xbox, sledding and hot chocolate - in otherwords - perfect!
Shadow just doesn't understand why she can't go out with the boys. She waits patiently, amongst the rejects from sledding, round 1 for them to come home again.
Lucy-Fur surprisingly loves the snow - you have no idea how shocking this is. This is the demon that will not let her precious little paws touch wet grass.
Hope you are having a safe, warm Thursday.


  1. My kids would love to get a snow day for 3" of snow...we dont even get snow days for 3 ft of snow! LOL Love the pictures, especially the first one. Poor Shadow!

  2. I love the dog in the window, it looks so timeless. Great shot