Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 - Nighty Night

365 is not off to a good start. I was heading out to take pics of the boys playing Capture the Flag in the woods, stepped in a hole and (after Motrin, ice, and a few tears) headed to the ER. Keeping the resolution to stay positive this year...the good is not broken and I learned that you can take pictures ANYWHERE, including the ER! I cam tell that one thing I am going to learn doing this project is to not be too shy to pull a camera out and answer questions.

Here is the pic of the day...I suppose tech. it is from yesterday - it is of the drugs I took last night to break my no sleep cycle. I am learning macro, lighting and layout. I like the depth in this one.

Here are the bonus pics for today - the ER trip

Arrival time:

My view:

Still waiting

I guess if you are a guy, you CANNOT sit on this stand...girls go ahead:

Dirty Jobs and Technology - the joys of STILL WAITING!

I'm OUTTA here!

Last bonus - Lucy-fur in a rare moment of non-movement!


  1. glad you didn't break anything! Hope it heals up quickly, but way to seize the opportunity for the blog :)

  2. wow are you ok...i hope you feel better and love the way you used the down time for the blog. :-)