Thursday, January 14, 2010

14 - I Always Feel Like....

Somebody's watching four of macro, and the eyes have it. After begging, pleading, and promising to make yummy bad-for-you stuff, I got all three monsters to stand still to get photos of their eyes.
My very handsome #1 - doesn't he have the most amazing blue eyes?

The misceivious #2 - can you tell he was sticking out his tongue?

The very sweet #3 - those big brown eyes get him out of more trouble than I care to admit!

and finally - Me - I took this in the mirror, good grief I am looking OLD!
Nope - no pic of the hottie honey, that's okay, if I showed you a pic of his eyes, it would make you swoon at the wonderousness of them!
I think I have found the ends of my poor little camera's abilities when it comes to macro...I have tweeked, adjusted, stood sideways, and begged, but this is just as close as I am getting to a subject - it's all good, over-all, I would say that for a P&S it has done a pretty good job with this challenge. Only three more days of macro to go...I will miss it, but am ready to move on as it is making me "need" a better camera that I just can't afford right now.

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