Monday, January 25, 2010

25 - After School

This is what we do after school. I thought this year would be hard with the boys going to three different schools, but actually it has worked out beautifully. #2 gets home first and we have about 30min to do his homework together. I have to go pick up #1 from practice after that and we get about 30min to spend going over his day and what he needs to get done. Then #3 is hopping off the bus and I have about 30 min to spend doing homework with him. Yes, sometimes they overlap, but overall I get to have 30 each day with each one of my monsters all by themselves.....I am blessed.

If you finish homework early, then you get to use the rest of your time reading any book you want. #2 finally discovered graphic novels and LOVES them....YEAH!

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  1. Sounds pretty close to the routine I have with my 3 kiddos!