Sunday, August 1, 2010

212 - Sheltering Tree - Newsong

This is one of my favorite songs. I love it because I think we can all universally agree, no matter how our beliefs may differ, that a friend in a time of difficulty or hardship can make the all the difference in the world.

it's been said a friend is like a mighty sheltering tree
a place of refuge we can run when trouble comes for you and me
someone we can count on through the thick and thin
when the storms of life are blowing, there's
just nothing like a friend
(there's just nothing like a friend)
we all need sheltering trees
friends in our lives who'll get down on their knees
and lift us up before the king of kings
we all need sheltering trees
there've been days that i was sure that i couldn't make it through
clouds of doubt came rolling in and i didn't know what i would do
i would've given in and said i just can't go on
if it hadn't been for a friend that helped me to be strong
(helped me to be strong)
you can face the highest mountain and
the climb won't feel so high
or cross the darkest valley and it won't seem so wide
nothing is impossible when a friend is by your side


  1. I dont know this song or the group but I agree.....friends can make such a difference, and I know thats been especially true for me these last few months.

  2. I've never heard the song either.