Friday, August 6, 2010

217 - WHAT?!?

I ran errands yesterday and today. I hate to run errands. I hate to shop. This was a text I sent Mr. Incredible...

Shopping is no fun
It makes me want to throw up
I might need a drink

BUT - Somethings just seem to make it all worthwhile like

1. The look on Mr. I's face when he realized that by bargin shopping, I was able to afford these for him:

2. The look on #1's face when he realized I had found the "perfect" outfit for him to wear to a party tonight on a clearance rack

3. More than anything else....THIS -
There is so much here for me to love. The floaties in case they drive into a pond. The car seat because OBVIOUSLY safety is the #1 concern here. The license plate - this actually passed inspection! Yes, Somethings just make my entire day worth it.


  1. We were BOTH shopping yesterday, then! :) I absolutely LOVE the outfit for #1. So very cool. You're such an awesome mom!

  2. I hate shopping. Hate it. Good job on your find though!

    No way would that vehicle be street legal here. Wow.

  3. um... yeah I think I would have to laugh! Were you at Wal-Mart when you saw that "fancy" car?

  4. That car seat just blows my mind.

    p.s.~ You keep linking back to your blog at which I'm assuming is a typo, but you're actually at! Just wanted to let you know in case you hadn't noticed!