Saturday, July 31, 2010

211 - Red Red Wine - UB40

Red red wine you make me feel so fine
You keep me rocking all of the time
Red red wine you make me feel so grand
I feel a million dollars when your just in my hand

(actually this is a lie, red wine gives me a WICKED migraine, but the color of this flower just looks like a glass of merlot sitting in the sun, on the balcony, overlooking my private beach...oops, started to slip into dream world there, hee hee)


  1. Hey! It gives me a headache too! I wish it didn't, people who are drinking it always seem to enjoy it so much.

  2. Very cool photo!!

    I dont drink at all, so just the smell of wine makes me gag. However, my hubby does like to have a glass of wine now and then.

    BTW, LOVE your new blog layout, its perfect for you!

  3. Such a cool photo but what is it? Love the background too!

  4. I it some kind of flower - if I were Lisa I would be able to tell you the name, but alas, I am not, so I will call it a Merlot Flower and we will all pretend I know what I am talking about :)

  5. hey works for me! :) I wouldn't know the difference anyway ;) haha It's pretty either way!