Thursday, August 5, 2010

216 - Mount St. Laundry

WARNING - Unedited gibberish ahead!

Yesterday I attempted to climb Mount St. Laundry. The task was large, the obstacles harsh, and my attitude dismal. I did not reach the summit yesterday, but with renewed determination and fortitude faced the challenge and foraged ahead today. I am happy to report that as of RIGHT NOW there are no dirty clothes, towels, sheets or blankets in my house. HOWEVER, give it a few hours and the beast will rise again.

So as I was sorting the laundry yesterday, I decided to go the extra mile and sort it right. You see, normally I just sort into whites, color, towels. BUT yesterday, I was feeling especially domestic and sorted into whites, darks, brights, reds, towels, blankets/sheets. I even made a pile for brown/tan. I took the following picture to prove I AM able to do this the right way.
Afterwards, when I downloaded the pic, I had a sudden moment of nostalgia. I had a friend not many years ago that was LAUNDRY QUEEN. My slovenly ways used to drive her crazy. Bless her heart, she would try to teach me, but I would have nothing to do with properly sorted clothes, stain removers and the super-special sanitary cycle on my washer. Bright white socks were her pleasure. Clean unspotted jeans her bliss. So when I looked at the pics from yesterday, I missed her. I missed her from the bottom of my heart. I really don’t know what happened to us, I guess we more or less grew apart. If there is one thing I am better at than avoiding conflict, it is avoiding uncomfortable situations. You see it just became easier to avoid interacting with her than to try to figure out what really happened. Yes, I AM the world’s worst friend. Sure, I have my excuses…I don’t have time, the boys schedule make it impossible, our kids are at different stages in life and therefore so are we…but when it comes right down to it, they are just excuses.

So why am I posting this here? To be honest, I am not sure. I debated last night whether I should. But when it comes right down to it, the whole reason I started this 365 Project was to record a year of my life honestly, and well , sometimes honesty just isn’t pretty.

So there you go…

AAANNNDDD Nicole – here is “The Rest of the Picture” LOL!


  1. Y'know, I ran into a friend this week that I thought I had been missing. It didn't take too much time in her presence to remember why we had "drifted" in the first place.

    Congrats on conquering Mt. Laundry.

  2. Oh I absolutely love the picture! Great up close and personal shot yesterday!!!

  3. Ugh, laundry is my most hated chore. I constantly ask why the hubby and kids cant just walk around naked and save my a lot of grief! Granted, the neighborhood probably wouldnt appreciate that but who cares...we have more trees than people around here, ROFL. And that last picture is just DARLING!!

    I hear you on the friend thing. I have some that I drifted apart from and sometimes thats just life, although I do admit I am confrontational and arent shy about confronting people, especially if I think they're attitude sucks,lol.