Sunday, July 4, 2010

185 - Question...

When is it a good time for your car to break down?
When you are in Mr. Incredible's Neighborhood!
But you KNOW I can't resist this!
Everyone say it with me now:


  1. Did he get it back up and running?

  2. Oh man, not a Stang! Did Mr.Incredible get it moving again?

    I have to laugh at the guy having the windows up on a convertible. Before we moved to Alaska we had a 2001 Mustang Convertible. My DH cannot stand guys(and girls) who have a convertible but put the windows up. He uses some not-so-family-friendly terms for them, ROFL.

  3. YUP the stang is up and running...did anyone really ever doubt that?!?

    (It was the fuel pump BTW. and the words "stinkin Ford: were heard several times from under the car, LOL)