Thursday, July 1, 2010

182 - In Order

Yep - I am posting late
Bettcha know why
Are you tired of baseball yet
Looks like I don't care if you are
The sign
The Pitch
The Catch 
There is a lot I like about this series. Of course I like the progression from sign to catch (wish I had shot one more to get the was a strike.), but I also love watching the ump mirror Conner's body movements. And then there is the player from the other team watching by the fence, his face lets you know exactly how close this game was.


  1. Heck no, not sick of the baseball pics at all! I really enjoy seeing pictures of something that is so important to you and your family and I appreciate you sharing it with all of us! So THANK YOU for inviting me into your world :)

    I totally agree on the progression of the photos. The ump was actually the first thing I noticed in all the photos!

    I take it your sons team won? :)

  2. Why, oh, why didn't I have boys???? Melinda

  3. hehe that's great!