Saturday, July 10, 2010

191 - He's Home

#1 went on a mission trip to Chicago for a week. Before they left they had to turn their cell phones over to their parents. I don't know who this was harder on, the kids or the parents! It was very hard to not be able to talk (or text) my kiddo for a week. Harder than I thought it would be. In the long run, I think it was good for everyone.

So he is home now and within 10 min of walking in the door he surrounded himself with the things he missed most...
1 - Cell Phone
2 - Shadow
3 - Air Conditioning
4 - Computer
(not sure if this is the order he would put them in! Also mom was not on that list!)

As you can see, Shadow missed him also...she was one heart-sick puppy this week.


  1. Aww! So glad Shadow has her buddy back! Did your son talk about the Mission? What exactly did he do, if you dont mind me asking?

    Glad he made it home, I can imagine how nerve wracking that was to not be able to speak to him! I was stationed outside of Chicago for a bit when I was in the Navy and I LOVED Chicago. I thought it was such a cool city!

  2. He went with a group of teens from our church to help at a camp for "at risk" kids. ("at risk" - D or F GPA, behavior problems, in danger of dropping out, thinking about joining a gang) He spent mornings tutoring 6th grade boys english and the afternoons hanging out with them. They also helped at a soup kitchen and "free store". While they were there, CSM (Christian Student Ministries - the host group) worked with our teens to help them understand what it is like to live in the inner-city and what obticals these kids are up against. I think it was a real eye-opening experience for him. AND he LOVED Chicago! I am a bit jealous as I have always wanted to go there and haven't :)

  3. Home in one piece. Whew! And the relinquishing of the cell phones is probably a good thing - helped them grow up and depend on themselves I would imagine.

  4. Oh excellent, what a wonderful experience for him!! I think its important for kids to learn and help those that arent as fortunate as them.

    Ohmygosh, you HAVE to go to Chicago! Granted, I havent been since the early 90's but it was so much fun! Museums,shopping, a beautiful waterfront! I would be a perfect getaway for you and the Mr!

  5. Wow, that would be difficult to not get to talk to them! I can see why no phone, so they weren't texting more than anything else but wow!