Sunday, June 20, 2010

171 - Mr. Incredible

I am pretty sure I have made it clear as to how I feel about Mr. Incredible. I could list 937 things that make my heart skip when it comes to this man. But today, TODAY, I celebrate the fact that I get to parent with him. He is such a great dad and I cannot think of anyone else I would want to raise these three boys with. I love that we are learning the ropes together, that we succeed together and sometimes fail together. I love that he understands the best gift we can give our sons is a strong marriage. Thank you, Goodlookin, for letting me be a part of this crazy ride they call parenthood with you.


  1. Awwwww, that is just so sweet! Its so nice to see a great dad out there, being a great role model for his kids!

    P.S. I am so happy to see you posting pics again. I missed you :)

  2. Great shot! They all look so happy but you are missing #1...

    and I agree with Lisa! Glad you are back!!