Tuesday, June 22, 2010

173 - Because....

we've gone COMPLETELY insane....

Let me introduce...

Baby Kitty With No Name

Don't get me started on how we ended up with this. Let's just say it involved big brown eyes and a soft hearted daddy.

So how is this going over in the animal kingdom?
Shadow could care less
Lucy-Fur is spastic
Smokey Joe Cool is a wee bit on the jealous side.

We are accepting name suggestions.
(it is a boy)


  1. Snuggles! :) He looks like a snuggly guy :)

  2. Oh.My.Gosh.

    Please dont tell Lucy-Fur, but I think I've found a new love! He is just the cutest dang thing!!

    I dont think I can be much help on a name. We have grey cats and therefore we have always named them after ships...hence we have a Bismarck and a Nimitz, hehehe.

  3. I LOVE kittens. Love them. If it wouldn't make me a crazy cat lady, I'd get a new one every year. They're just so snuggly and such good entertainment. :) Congrats!