Tuesday, March 23, 2010

82 - First Game

It's official, spring is here, I just went to the first baseball game of the season. Several observations as I attended my first high school game:

1 - They are LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG. No more time limits, 7 innings no matter how long that takes, in this case 3.5 hours....THREE AND A HALF!!!!!

2 - With no names on the jerseys, I can't tell ANYONE apart, must make a cheat sheet

3 - Just because they are in HS, doesn't mean they can get away with showboating, fundamentals are STILL important. A lesson they ALL learned today.

4 - They listen to the coach. If he says "run" you run, if he says "stop" you stop, if he says "turn around three times and pat your belly", you do just that. :0)

5 - The bleachers are still hard

BTW - It was a Bulldog victory!!!!! WOOT WOOT!

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  1. Way to go Bulldogs! Was that pic from yesterday? Look at how green the grass is, wow!