Wednesday, March 3, 2010

62 - What A Croc

One of the beautiful things about being married for some time is that you have someone around that "gets" you and chooses to love you anyway. I must admit that I am not usually the most pleasant person to be around this time of year. I moan and gripe about the weather, the kids, the house, ANYTHING I can possible think of to moan and gripe about. Mr. Incredible gets this about me and still hangs with me year after year. So the other night I had a revelation about my feet. Since I quit working at the school, I have not only taken to wearing jeans and hoodies EVERY day; I have also taken to wearing crocs or flip-flops EVERY day. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE shoes, cute shoes, fancy shoes, shoes make me happy, BUT to wear said shoes you also have to wear grown-up clothes. See previous sentence....this just doesn't happen often. Every once in a while, I will feel froggy and put on big girl clothes and wear happy shoes, like last Saturday when we went to Trivia Night. That night, however, my feet, my toes in particular, were sore. WHAT? My shoe size has not changed, I didn't wear some crazy high heel, but alas, my feet hurt from my toes being all squished up in them anyway. I had a laugh and told the honey about it and didn't think about it again...UNTIL....Last night he came home and told me we were going to the store. I thought "going to the store" was code for "lets ditch the boys and go get ice cream" so I happily went along. Turns out we really went to the store and he got me these....

He told me he knew I was down about winter and thought I could use some new "Spring" shoes to lift my spirits. You know what? It worked, there is nothing like a good pair of ugly, comfortable shoes :0)


  1. How super sweet of Mr.Incredible! I think you and my husband might have been separated at birth. He is driving me CRAZY with all his whining about spring, he wants to go fishing, the snow needs to melt. I'm like shhhhhhh, I didnt even get a real winter this yr!! LOL

  2. I'm ready for Spring too!!!!

  3. That was really sweet of him. I'm so ready for spring too. I even pulled out the flip flops today.