Monday, March 22, 2010

81 - Handsome

He is quickly becoming part of the family and routine. He has found his favorite spots to sleep, watch the birds and when to beg for food. The dogs have gotten over the jealousy and now all three play together. Lucy-Fur and SJC (Smokey Joe Cool) actually wrestle all over the place. (great, more wrestling, I live in an episode of WWF) Hoping to catch it on video soon, it is HI.LAR.I.OUS!


  1. ROFL, I hear ya girlfriend! My house is just one big wrestling arena between the kids and the animals! I do enjoy it though :)

    I cant get over how beautiful SJC is!

  2. Awesome! Yeah my dogs HATE cats and they let the cats know it too (as in they chase them off if not worse, let's not think about that!!!) I have a basement cat and she got out one day, the dogs chased her up a tree... It's nice to know some people's dogs like cats.