Friday, March 12, 2010

71 - Tough Guy

Spring Break is here and we are going to celebrate by.......

missing a class party due to fever :0(

I am #3's room mom, so when I went up to school for the party (a board game bash complete with pizza and soda) I was greeted by this tough guy who "just doesn't feel right". He tends to be a bit on the dramatic side, so I sent him to the nurse to get it out of his system and she came back with the news he would not be allowed back to the classroom due to his 100.5 temp. Thankfully, there were plenty of parents to take over and we are now home baking cookies.


  1. Yikes, what a way to kick off spring break! Banish those sickie germs right out of there with some good cookies!

  2. Arrrrgh! How sad but I bet next time he doesn't mention not feeling good until after the party. ;)