Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life Interupted...still

Please let me introduce another new friend of mine...Nicole. She is such a sweetie! A few things I have learned about her...
She lives on a farm in the midwest
Has a wonderful sense of humor
Is engaged so the FANTASTIC Prince Charming, who did NOT propose to her on Valentine's Day but National Safety Pup day.(you HAVE to go read that story!)
I have really enjoyed getting to know her through her pics and words on everyday life. Go bounce around her site, leave a comment and you will see what I am talking about.

Now if you don't want to read unedited whining, STOP NOW, do not go any farther....

Can't say I didn't warn you!

Yesterday was Dr day. We started off at my wonderful chiro/physical therapist to make a new plan of action. (Over the weekend, my back went from getting to better to worse than it has ever been.) I love Dr. Jake, he is willing to listen, put his ego aside and realize when he has done everything he can do. So the new plan is to get an MRI to see what we are facing. He pulled some strings and got me an appt that morning and started to work on my ins. for approval. I was denied. They wanted me to continue for 3 more weeks of therapy before approving it. GAH!

In the meantime, back in the room, Mr. Incredible and I start a conversation on the medical pain scale. He was telling me that my scale is off, that the pain I was feeling was a 9 or 10. I contend that there is NO WAY I was at a 10. In my world a 10 is like you are in a car wreck and they have to amputate you leg while you are awake or 3rd degree burns. THOSE are 10's. I mean what would I do if something like that were to happen to me and I had already used the 10 for this? He tells me I am being ridiculous and we start to laugh. (Laughing right now is NOT GOOD, it is one of the things that hurts beyond hurt) 

Then...THEN I hit a new low point in my life, I collapsed on the exam room floor (Thankfully it was carpet!) I was all of the sudden in so much pain that I couldn't move. Of course THIS is when Jake makes his way back in the room. to witness a sobbing middle-aged overweight woman in the middle of the room. He sent us straight to the ER with instructions to call my primary care Dr. on the way. He would be faxing all his info directly to him.

In the ER, I got some drugs to help with the pain, new xays and oh, by the way, we want to do an MRI. BUT THE INSURANCE DENIED IT AGAIN!!!! They did all they could and sent me up to my Dr.

My wonderful dr (who I have been with since I was 12) got on the phone and chewed some insurance butt. They did come to a compremise that I would try oral steroids, muscle relax and pain meds until Wed and then, THEN if I wasn't improving, they RECONSIDER the request.


So now I am back home, stuck in bed for two days, on meds that make be sick to my stomach and give me migraines. I know that sounds all whiny, and it is, but I really am thankful that I have team of people that are working on my care, people I choose, people I trust, people who know and care for me.


  1. Oh that sucks! Yeah Insurance people suck. You pay all that money so you can have it and then they want to deny you when you try to claim it. I bet they are all up in arms too with the new Healthcare bill that passed but still, geez, if they were in your shoes, they'd probably have everything done and never be denied. That sucks. I hope you get to feeling better and if by Wednesday you mean tomorrow, you are almost there!!! I'll keep you in my prayers!!!

  2. Oh, my sweet friend!!! I am so bummed for you! I am sad not to see your daily photos, too! I will praying for you that God will heal you quickly... and work out all of these obnoxious insurance details. And don't you feel badly about sharing your story. It's not whining! And it's okay to need to vent a little! We want to hear how you are doing! So, keep us all posted!

  3. Now this just sounds awful. Are you feeling any better now? I can't imagine the pain you are in. I hope the insurance companies allow the MRI so hopefully you can get whatever it is you need to feel better.

  4. Carrie @ comfortandcompassion.com

    Hi, Belles! This is my first visit to your blog...love your honesty and willingess to share. I definitely know about pain. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease a few years ago that causes my joints and spine to fuse. Talk about horrible pain! I really hope that you will find relief from your suffering. Dont waste the time in bed--great time for prayer!

  5. Ack! That is so sad. Back pain is one of the worst because it effects EVERYTHING you do! How are you doing this week?