Tuesday, April 6, 2010

96 - Easter

Yes, I know Easter was Sunday, but I am a procrastinator and proud of it. We start off the Easter festivities the same way most do.

We set the table...

Sneak food from Da (Grandma)

Finally sit and eat.

Then we go outside and....
Ride bikes

Tear something up and put it back together so we have an excuse to work in Papa's shop

Ride the four wheelers

AND get a picture of the rare occurance of Papa getting on one!

Last, but not least, Mr. Incredible needed to fix a tire

"Can you fix it Daddy, I don't know, it looks pretty bad."

"Of course I can fix it son, I'm Mr. Incredible"
(I love that man!)

That is what Easter looks like in our neck of the woods, how about yours. Now someday I want to hang with Mindee over here, girlfriend KNOWS how to kick it on Easter!


  1. Hi! I actually found you from Mindee's blog! Yes, she had a crazy, fun Easter!
    Nice to meet you!
    Love how they get to sneak food from grandma! :)

  2. Great photos, I loved seeing how your family spent the day!