Sunday, April 11, 2010

101 - Blow

Dandylions were my favorite flower as a little girl. I loved making crowns from the beautiful golden yelllow flowers and blowing the white fluffy seeds from the stem. I thought they were just the most wonderful flower ever made and how awesome was it that they just seemed to be everywhere. I used to hate when my dad would put down the weed killer and they would wither and die. My mom would get so frustrated when she would send me out to go weed the flower beds and I would pass up all the Dandylions. I just didn't understand why they wouldn't want them around! Now that I have a yard of my own, I have joined the fight against Dandylions, but every once and a while, I still look at them and long for a time when I still thought it was the most wonderful thing ever made.


  1. Great photos!! My kids always bring me dandelions as "flowers" and I really have to force myself to take them, LOL. I am super anal about my yard and weeds so anything like that just gets my yard OCD going. I do appreciate their thoughts though and I never let them see me throw them away! LOL :)

  2. It's a sign of Spring!!!