Friday, April 16, 2010

106 - More Favs

Seems to be a theme this week...favorite things. So remember the neighbors? One the the things we like to do as the weather warms up is to pull out the smoker and lawn chairs, get a little hoosier and eat a lot of this....

Why yes we are eating dinner in lawn chairs, in our driveways...told ya we got our hoosier on!


  1. Ok, give me a little bit of time and I'll be right over! Yummy! We used to do this with neighbors we had in WA and CT but the neighbors we have in AK....well, the ones to the right are gross and disrespectful, so definitely no dinners with them, and while we get along with the ones off to our left wonderfully our schedules are usually too different to get together much :(

  2. I love BBQs! So fun . . . yay for nice weather!